Have you ever walked into a restaurant, sat at a table, and noticed the menu’s on the table or that the wait staff handed you is greasy, dirty, or marred in some other way? And the worst part is you can feel it when you hold the menu. How did that make you feel about not only the sanitary conditions of the restaurant, but also about the food, and if you made the right dining choice?

As a restaurant owner, one of the biggest no no’s is having your customers feel uncomfortable in any way, and one of the most overlooked ways in which people can be “grossed out” is a dirty menu. It only takes a minute or two on Yelp or TripAdvisor to see negative comments left for the exact reason mentioned here, a filthy menu, or even just one that isn’t clean. It can hurt you at the moment as a customer may walk out, order less, leave a bad review, or simply never come back and tell all their friends to avoid your restaurant as well. So, Keep Your Menus Clean!

Keeping Menus Sanitary

Visible spills and stains are one thing for a menu but if you go deeper below the surface there are more pressing matters that could be even more important to address. Food will produce germs after a little while and if a menu is accumulating hamburger grease, cream sauces, or any other form of wet food substance it can deteriorate into a germ-infested piece of paper far faster than you may think. It is critical to clean your menus with an antibacterial cleaning agent. Otherwise, your menus will become or are already unsanitary and this could be bad from the health inspector’s point of view, but even worse by a customer getting sick.

The very last thing a restaurant needs is the word to get out that someone got sick from going there (even if it’s the menus and not the food, people won’t know the difference or care).

What To Do For Clean Menus

This comes down to limited choices but that makes it easier to do something as there aren’t a hundred ways. Either you have the menus cleaned regularly, or you re-print the menus regularly. This re-printing can become rather costly if you’re using good quality menu paper and print. Lamination though isn’t always the best choice as it just looks a bit low in quality or cheap and they too can become dog eared or bent.


The most suitable solution that is cost-effective, will last a while, and just looks and feels great is waterproof menu paper varieties. Synthetic waterproof menus are durable, tear-proof, spill and stain proof, and simply put last a long time, look great, and are easy to clean. This covers all of the marks. Not only can you get a great looking menu printed but one that won’t deteriorate quickly, that will withstand regular cleaning, and that feels great in hand.

These materials won’t be destroyed after multiple cleanings Best wat to clean our waterproof menu product is with a damp microfiber cloth. Do use bleach or degreasers that are the standards in restaurant cleaning products.Also don’t stack wet menus on top of one another. Lay them standing in rows so they can dry properly and the printer toner ink will not come off. Waterproofed menus are available in just about every size and shape that you could need so be sure to get started today. Don’t wait and don’t delay when it comes to keeping your menus good looking and safe for the long term.

Getting Help With Menu Choice + Design

If you’re new to the restaurant business or need some assistance when it comes to your new menu design or material, get in touch with us. Restaurant menus are our specialty and we’ve helped countless restaurants get the things they can completely control right the first time, every time. Your menu is one of those things where you are in control and that can make for great first impressions on new restaurant diners. Call or contact us today for a no-obligation consultation on what your restaurant needs and how to get the ball rolling cost-effectively today.

No Cost Analysis of Your Menu

We will be glad to review your menu and point out things that may help your menu work better. Even if you are not using our menu papers or printing services. Email a PDF or JPEG of your menu to tom@menustore.com

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