There are a lot of different ways to go about presenting your restaurant’s food choices to your diners. But with so many different ways to do this, there are quite a few factors that will determine the right display type and menu options for your restaurant individually. Here we’ll look at what you should consider so that you ensure you have the most enticing menu around.

Different Restaurant Menu Types

Depending on how you will be selling and organizing your menu, some options will work better than others. Here is a list of the different menu types:

A La Carte – this is where items are sold individually.

Static – the traditional menu is broken into categories like apps, entrees, pasta, meat, dessert, sides, etc.

Cycle Men – when the menu changes daily, weekly, or bi-weekly

Menu of the Day “Du Jour” – this is daily specials for that particular day.

Drink – shows drink options including alcohol, can include beer lists, wine lists, spirits, non-alcoholic drinks, specialty cocktails, etc.

Dessert – lists the different dessert options, including after-dinner drinks.

Table d’Hote – dishes sold together at a fixed price – think “Sushi dinner for two”

Children’s 12 & Under – the options for kids

Different Menu Display Options

Like types of menus, there is also a number of different ways in which you can actually display your food and beverage options. Let’s look at the different options:

Menu Board/Sign – this is popular for a lot of casual dining establishments. Food and drink can be written on chalkboards. It is great because it can be edited regularly and provides an authentic feel. But depending on the seating placement and direct view of the board and size of letters it may create some challenges. Be sure to have more than one board located in clear visible view to all seats which you should sit in and test

Table Top Menus – these are very popular for drink and dessert specials at many chain restaurants but can be used for any restaurant. It offers a menu that is always on the table and can be seen from different angles. It is great for advertising specials.

Menu Holder – Look good and make it easy for frequent menu changes.

Disposable Menus – this inexpensive option is great to make quick cleanup and when your menu changes regularly. They are made from paper and are typically suited for daily specials.

Menu Covers with Interior Corner Catches – These covers hold your menu sheets and allow for frequent quick menu sheet changes. They are ideal for high-end restaurants, they can be leather bound, embroidered, and provide an aesthetically pleasing way to present your food options.

The latest trending menu style, due to the evolution of the casual dining experience, which today is the majority above “high end” is the single sheet “bistro” style menu. Today everybody wants fast, convenient, now. The single sheet lends itself to that. No pages to turn through everything in one view. And because there are waterproof menu products available that menu style is even more popular and cost-effective.

Every restaurant, no matter the variety, has to present menu choices to their patrons. There are many different ways in which one can go about doing this. You should take into consideration the size and type of your establishment and match your menu to that of your brand and food offerings. See what is working for other restaurants, either online or around town, and make the most of each diner through the doors with the right fit.

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